Chris Brown stops his $10,000 per month child support payments

So with all the back and forth between Chris Brown and his baby Mama’s child support payments fights, he is now really pissed off. His baby mama, Nia Guzman said Chris only gave her $2,500 for child support for their baby Royalty. Nia demanded $15,000 each month but Chris decided to take her to court and ended up agreeing to pay her $10,000 each month instead which she agreed to.

The agreement was set to start on July 1, but it fell apart when Brown sought a visitation with Royalty this week only to learn that she was with his mother Joyce Hawkins in Virginia.

This made him mad enough to say he wouldn’t pay her the $10,000 because he is currently not in good terms with his own mother. The photos he shared on his IG page in April of Roylaty and his Mum has since been deleted off his page.

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