The singer talking with Hiptv claims he has over a million unreleased songs and more. However, he explained the process and daily lifestyle he takes that have led to that amount of songs.

Hear him ‘ I record everyday, and every of the songs put together are not just for me, sometimes for other people. However, some have been paid for while some are still there.

Although, people go through them everyday and say this is the one I want. Basically it is not just about me. However, it is about content providing. Now at Alterplates I record everyday.

Regardless, I am not around, producers work everyday and they send me beats. Then again, I put up mini studios together every where I am. I bless the beat, I send them back home and they put it together. Secondly, they send it back to me and we make corrections. Finally we work on the go as it goes.

– Greeennews

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