7 Foods Known to Cause Cancer.

it seems nowadays that food is causing more harm than good. Aside from the weight management issues, many foods have been scientifically shown to cause cancer. Even though food is supposed to make us healthier and provide the necessary nutrients for our growth and healing.

1. Fermented Product

Fermented products have been shown to cause cancer. In fact, products like fermented milk, pickles or even fish contain carcinogenic compounds known as N-nitroso compounds. This way, fermentation is no longer a safe way to store food, but is rather one that should be avoided.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products are another item on the list. If you think by drinking milk you’re being healthy and you are providing your body with the protein it needs; you’re wrong! It has been proven that dairy products, especially when artificial means and various chemicals are employed to get these products, increase the consumer’s risk of having various cancers. Dairy is something to avoid then, instead of being over-consumed.

3. Salty Food

Salty foods can also be considered as cancer causing foods. In fact, in order to preserve them, high amounts of nitrates are necessary. The problem is that the nitrate tends to produce N-nitroso compounds; which have been scientifically shown to increase the consumers’ risk of having various cancers. Salt is not the enemy here, although it can be harmful in high amounts, it is necessary for the body’s health.

4. Vegetable Oils

There are various kinds of vegetable oils on the market, with different tastes and different colors. These oils are also cancer causing foods sadly, because of their high amounts of the omega-6 fatty acid. In fact, the over consumption of omega-6 not only causes various cancers such as stomach and prostate cancer, but it can also cause a variety of other diseases such as skin and heart problems.

5. Fries

It’s sad but true! French fries are many people’s favorite food, but it didn’t stop it from being a possible cause for cancer. In fact, the high amounts of fat produced while frying them as well as the high amount of aclylamide contained in the fries make it almost poisonous for the human body. This is why French fries are to be consumed as rarely as possible or you can make them at home and adopt healthier cooking methods such as oven baked potato fries.

6. Chips

Chips are definitely a product to avoid consuming. Not only are they high in salt and calories, they also contain a number of unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives. It is true it seems like they can’t be avoided, because chips are everywhere: during parties, movie nights or as appetizers in restaurants. But these are definitely a food item to be careful with.

7. Canned Products

It is true that canned food can be a very convenient way to store foods and make diner straight out of the pantry. However, these foods can be considered as ticking bombs in a can. Aside from the high amount of salt necessary to preserve these canned goods, an even scarier chemical is present in the inner lining of the cans. In fact, BPA tends to be absorbed by the food in the can and consumed by the person eating the canned good. The problem with BPA is that it’s highly toxic for brain cells. You should be especially careful with canned tomatoes, which tend to contain higher BPA levels because of their acidity.

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