7 Signs To Recognise That Your Guy Is No Longer Into You

While it is great to be in a relationship, as with most things, there are times when we have to part separate ways. If it is amicable and mutually acceptable to both partners it is great, but if it one sided and done surreptitiously, it can become very painful to bear. However, the cold hard fact is that break-ups are a very real possibility in any relationship, and the quicker we reconcile ourselves to it the better for us! Sometimes, the breakup if not done directly and one has to look out for the hidden signs that indicate the same.

Some of the signs that are indicative of a guy no longer into you are:

Does not take your calls: Or messages, if you use online dating service. If your guy seems to ignore your calls and offers no valid explanation you got to see it coming! While it may be genuine in some situations, consistently ignoring calls mean something is just not right.
Suddenly discontinues his visits: When you are in a stable relationship he will visit you regularly. Even if he cannot come every day he will stay in touch with Facebook, Twitter etc. to ensure that the both of you communicate regularly. After all a guy loves to be in the company of his girl. If he suddenly stops visiting altogether while in town for no reason, he definitely has moved on.

Puts you on ignore mode: If he starts ignoring you completely and avoids meeting etc. it means something is fishy. He will pretend to be oblivious of your presence and try to avoid having a conversation all of which are signs he does to care anymore for you.

Is seen frequently with a new girl: The most obvious sign that it is time to move on! If he is seen frequently in town, in the company of a new girl and getting cosy with her, this clearly shows that he does not want to continue in a relationship with you. The funny thing is that maybe this new girl is not somebody he even is into, and he may be using her as a ploy to end his relationship with you.

Finds excuses not to meet up: Whenever you try to meet up, he comes up with excuses as being too busy, having an assignment, needs to complete work etc. All of these are classic signs that the guy does not want to have anything to do with you. If you do pluck up the courage and decide to visit his place, he plays it cool and after a while says he needs to leave for an errand etc. All of which are further proof that it is time to call it quits.

Moves to another place: It may seem unbelievable but is true! There are guys who deliberately change their cities or towns, so as to break off with their girlfriends. They think that the geographical distance between them will help to end the relationship more easily.

Says it loud and clear: The most direct of all methods, when a guy decides to call it quits! While it may generate a fair bit of drama and emotions including a lot of tears, it is obvious to close the chapter for your own good.

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