Tobi and Cee-C gave fans a bit of the drama they’re known for. Tobi, accused Cee-c of grabbing his man-hood, an accusation that Cee-c denied. One would have thought that, that would be the end but Tobi after the argument with Cee-C still goes to her bed that night. Love right? Well, fans on the streets of Twitter as always have their opinion about the matter, let’s scroll down to see some of them.

If Tobi is lying about something as heavy as touching penis, the ceec that we all know will not react the way she is reacting right now. She will explode!! Let’s tell ourselves the truth.
Tobi has slept off CeeC can not sleep no peace for the wicked

U guys that drag my Nina everytime and claim your King C is the most innocent,i hope your eyes are now clear. I like a straight forward,bad and blunt person like Nina than cunning,lying, dangerous CeeC Don’t dare come at me oooo!

so the other day ceec said she has been sexually inactive for 2years and today she is a virgin, what am I missing.

 So you all didn’t know a woman’s virginity gets renewed annually? Wow


 Ceec the Grabber
Nina the header
Bambam the Rider
This season is a wahalER

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