Bimbo Daramola hails Madagascar for providing COVID-19 vaccine

The convener of OneUnitedAfrika crusade and ex-lawmaker, Bimbo Daramola has commended the Government of Madagascar for providing vaccine for the treatment of the ravaging coronvirus.

images (23)Daramola stated this in a position paper released on Monday, May 18, 2020 which he titled ‘Enter The New African Hero: President Of the Republic Of Madagascar’.

He said that with the discovery of a homegrown cure for the deadly coronavirus , Madagascar had rekindled the dream of Africa’s forebears, stressing that it was a living testimony to the fact that Africans are capable of solving their own problems without necessarily looking for help elsewhere.

The statement reads in part,
“You have shown that Africa is not an annexe, annexure, or appendage to anyone, individual, organisation or nation. You have taken the first chapter in the new history of Africa that is about to be written. You are the new African Hero…. Thank you, President Andry Rajoelina, for doing us real proud,” .

“Thank you for standing by your conviction i.e that the lives of your nationals matter, your belief in your country and her scientists, the 57-year-old Madagasy research Institute, that you recognise your sovereignty and readiness to stand by it.

“These are the definers of your sovereignty that they want to intimidate you to abandon, that they baited you to chicken out on; you stood your ground, instead of sitting idly by and watch your citizens die while waiting on instructions from elsewhere, you reaffirmed your belief in yourself deriving strength from faith in your people.

“No nation derides her people and appropriate that of others and become great. That is the greatest delusion, rather you give a chance to your people to find solutions to their own problems first and foremost.

“That is the hallmark of leadership. This was the vision of our forefathers on the continent, they wanted us Africans to be able to hold our own against any other, not waiting till the foreign nations determine and chart a course for us.

“They said the Whiteman did not discover River Niger, that indeed, the white men met people at the bank of River Niger before the arrival of the white men.

“Now history is about to be revised negatively as if we were not taking care of our medical challenges without the endorsement of the World Health Organisation in the days of our forefathers,” Daramola asked rhetorically.

“Well, it is said, of all ideas, first it is ridiculed, then violently resisted until it becomes self-evident. You do not become great by trading off your identity, a people without a sense of history and appreciation of same are not worthy of recognition.

“That is the inspiration from your emerging story, you are clear-minded and purposeful, above all you value the lives of your people, refusing to be limited by your classification as the 63rd poorest nation on the planet.

“You looked beyond your circumstance and not allowing that picture to determine your future. Kudos. Weldone. Mr President. The bright spark in the dark.

“Today, kids are back in school in Madagascar, no isolation camps gulping the money (questionably) that you do not have, life is back to normal in your country and you are ready to face life again, while those who should lead the struggle will rather abdicate responsibility and dither in taking their places and fulfil their obligations not only to their nationals but the continent, that seemed to have dressed them in an oversized robe of a giant,” .

“Instead of people getting treated and finding our ways back to normal life, as you are doing, we are celebrating spiking figures of casualties and victims on their ways to their untimely deaths and needless graves.

“By this act, you have not only saved lives, of your nationals and those who are humble enough to admit and not deny results but by this action, you are inspiring a new generation of your citizens, that you are infusing with great attributes, that they are not second best, that they can be solutions in a confused world, that they can give hope, that solution and success are not determined by or dependent on physical sizes,” Daramola said.

“You are reassuring them that all they need to succeed and to turn your country around and prepare themselves for greatness is to be solutions provider buoyed by and infused with the unbending will and with uncommon “#can #do #spirit,” which is a powerful key to unlock their potentials and by extension that of your country,” Daramola wrote.

Olabode Olabisi