Kylie Jenner ‘barely graduated’ High School after getting an extension

17-year-old Kylie Jenner who was home schooled announced earlier this week that she had graduated high school, well it has been discovered that she just barely graduated. Kylie who was supposed to have graduated with her mates last month, even had to get an extension to finish in time!
According to a source close to the family:

 “Kylie did get an extension because she was not finished with her curriculum in time for a June graduation. Because of her work schedule, Kylie was able to get a special arrangement.”
The spurce added that she:
“got mostly all C’s with a couple of D’s. Overall, her grades were just barely enough to pass.”
“Kylie is unfortunately not gifted with a high level of book smarts. She never had to apply herself because she knew that she was going to be rich and successful whether or not she tried.”Obviously she has no plans to go to college.”

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