Why is it that only Girls are asked to keep their virginity?

But why is it that only girls are asked to keep their virginity? What about us men, eh? I have read a lot of posts and comments that talk about girls keeping their virginity, and some guys even insult those that are not virgins. But my question is this: Is it only girls that are meant to keep their
What about guys? And again how will a lady be able to keep her virginity when guys are always asking for sex then turn around and
insult her for losing it?
It is not only women that are expected to be pure, guys should be pure as well. You want a lady to be pure, yet,
you won’t stop asking for sex. If she still refuses, you try to make her weak in her
defence. Yet, you will come online or elsewhere and shout about girls keeping
their virginity until marriage.. Are we immune to virginity?

Let’s stop asking ladies out, and even when they accept to date us, don’t ask them for sex.

Help them to keep their
virginity until marriage and stop putting the whole virginity and purity struggle on them alone!

Just my humble opinion though.

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