Ashley Madison hackers release names of 32million married men who cheated on their wives

Ashley Madison is a website that helps married people cheat discretely. The website’s slogan is -Life is short. Have an affair.’ The website also boasted that it was ‘100% secure’ – well, that was until last month. Hackers this week released massive data – which had names of 32million men who cheated on the partners.

The hackers, who have a problem with the website, told the owners to take it offline or they would be attacked. When they refused, they hacked the website & released 32 million names, addresses, phone numbers, and sexual preferences of cheating married men for their wives to find.

The hackers caution that just because your man’s name, address, phone number and credit card transactions are on the list, doesn’t mean he cheated on you. It could just mean he wanted to cheat but he chickened out after registering on the website.

According to
The absolute worse case scenario for you as a current or former Ashley Madison user is that your full name, phone number, home address, sexual habits, embarrassing horny self-advertisement, date of registration, amounts paid for membership, height, weight, age, and support of the Yankees are now accessible to anyone with knowledge of BitTorrent and TextEdit. The good news is that even if your personal life is destroyed, your credit card information is almost certainly safe.”

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