How to give her a multiple 0g@sm# within 60 seconds [MUST READ]

(warning this post is majorly for married couples alone be warned )

Giving her an 0g@sm# is cause for celebration, but giving her multiples is s3x#@l 3cst@sy.
And ALL women are able to achieve the repetitive waves of pleasure, it’s just a case of knowing how.
“The average woman is built to c0m3 again and again,” Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, coauthor of The Multi-0g@sm#ic Woman told Cosmo. Here are three easy tips to help you give her more than a single treat between the sheets.

Step 1: Build up the tension

She might feel like she wants to 0g@sm# as soon as possible, but make her wait.

Bringing her to the brink repeatedly will cause her arousal to spread throughout her whole body.

When you do eventually let her clim@x it will be bigger and better than ever.

But don’t stop here. After she has 0g@sm3d continue to t0uch her g3ntly until it builds up to a second or third explosion.

“You want her to retain her feelings of overall @ro,usal when her body starts to relax after having the first 0g@sm#,” says Amie Harwick, author of The New S3x Bible for Women.

However, be gentle as she will still be very sensitive after the first 0g@sm#

Step 2: Test out different 3r0g3n0us zones

Most women find it easiest to 0g@sm# by massaging the cl1,t0r, 1s, but if it’s still sensitive from round one it might be best to know some other areas to focus on.

You could try aiming for the famous G-sp-0t. Doing it D0, ggy Style is one of the best s3x p0s1, tions for women and will help her reach the big-0 quicker.

Award-winning 3r0, tic journalist and s*xp3rt Alix Fox says: “St1, m#l@t1ng the G-sp, 0t can produce a cl1m@x that feels very different from an 0g@sm achieved by massaging the cl1, to r1s – and it can go on longer, too, delivering wave after wave of pleasure.

“If you want to explore G-s, p0t sensations for yourself, you’ll need to know where this particular ‘m0@n zone’ is.

“In most ladies, the G-s, p0t is about 1-2 inches inside the v@g1n@l opening, on the front of the v@g1n@l wall – the bit closest to your bellybutton.

“It’s usually about the size of a 10 pence piece, and shaped like a bean.”

“Because the G-s, p0t is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up a little when a woman is @r0us3d, as blood rushes into it and plumps it up.

“As well as feeling ‘puffier’ or ‘spongier’ than the surrounding flesh, the G-s, p0t can also feel a tad rougher.”

If this isn’t working you could always try to make her climax using n1p, ple st1m#l@tion, as research found that some ladies can 0g@sm# from this alone.

Lightly trace circles on her n1p ,ples with your fingers or t0ngu3, building pressure as you go, or try sucking on them

Step 3: Try a new s3x t0y

Surprising her with a new s3x toy can really ramp things up in the bedroom and could increase her chances of having a mult1ple.

Ann Summers has recently released a new range of rechargeable, fully-waterproof toys called Moreg@sm#, and according to Alix, they work in a way that can give women a brand new type of ple@sure. She said: “Moreg@sm# toys harness the power of low frequency vibrations.

“These pass more easily and more deeply into the body, reaching areas and stimulating places and nerve endings that standard toys don’t usually hit.

“The result? Huge potential for ladies to experience longer, stronger, and new types of 0g@sm# – even if s3x toys haven’t worked for them in the past.

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