5 Types Of Kisses You Can Give Your Lover With Their Meaning


1. A Casual Kiss
The casual kiss isn’t a romantic one but it’s great for first dates. You do it with closed mouth and touching the lips of your partner. Try not to make this kiss last too little. It should be more than 3 seconds, and it can send messages such as: “I like you but I don’t want to rush into this” or “I had fun with you”.
2. A Romantic Kiss
Romantic kiss is the one when you gently touch your partner’s lips with your mouth slightly open. This kiss should be slow and gentle and really romantic. Passion is key element. Without any passion, the romantic kiss loses its meaning. If you have a romantic kiss during the first date-that means that you want to learn more about the person you’re kissing. Couples that have been together for a long time, use this kiss to show that they care for each other.
3. A Kiss On The Forehead
A kiss on the forehead is soft and elegant kiss. When your partner kisses you on the forehead, you feel safe. This kind of kiss is also known as the ‘maternal kiss’, and it means: “I care for you and I don’t want to lose you”.

4. A Kiss On The Cheek
A kiss on the cheek is a great way to show someone you like them. It’s an ideal option for a first date. If your date kisses you on the cheek, that means that your partner is polite and he isn’t forcing anything, he simply wants you to know that he likes you.
5. A Kiss On The Neck
This type of kiss is used by couples that are really close and in love. If your partner kisses you on the neck, he wants to show you that he feels wonderful with you and he’s passionate about you.

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