Women’s ebbing libido


It is time we really beam a searchlight on the reasons women stop having sex as soon as they cross 40. It is either they are having very little sex or they don’t have at all. They mentally use padlock to lock up their pottorri.
Just like everything is the woman’s fault, this issue too is mostly laid on women’s head. And women keep quiet as usual, taking the blame even though it is not their fault.
Most of the sexual problems women have are actually their husband’s sexual problems.
As a couple is approaching middle-age, the man’s sexual strength begins to ebb or reduce. And when he cannot drill his missus frequently like before, her vagina begins to lose its moisture and automatically close up. So, the wife will feel dryness anytime the oga of the house wants to pry open her honey clam. That is the day he manages to muster an erection or maybe he wants to try out something.
Another aspect is that few men know how to romance their wife. Foreplay should be taught in marriage classes. When a woman’s duty in bedroom dance is just to open her legs and have sperm deposited in her, she would likely lose interest in sex fast.
The woman will not have the guts to tell the hubby that he is doing it all wrong after all she was brought up to be submissive, and take any crap like a good wife.
And when a man marries a small girl that looks like his first daughter and in our culture we are taught to respect our elders, he should be the one to lead the way in sexual matters.
If he wants blowjob, he should teach her by sucking her. If he likes wriggling waist, let him roll the waist and show her. If kissing is the main deal, let him show her.
If he wants a wife to be a whore in bed, he knows where to get that kind of wife. Or he can become a male prostitute and coach her.
Most women just take what their husband gives to them and make do with it. Then, they condition their body and thoughts to be contented with just those few thrusts per month.
The worse part of this drama is that some men even go as far as thrusting other women outside when he has not satisfied the one at home.
Women are a little guilty too. They should learn to demand. And talk about it. While he is still at the office, send him a text message telling him that you have discarded your panties. He better start conjuring a turgid hard-on before closing time.

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