Sex is married people’s problem


Majority of couples’ fight is centred on bedroom affair.
The curious thing is that they will hardly admit that is their problem.
While settling marriage problem, the complaints you’d hear from them are useless things like: she didn’t cook my food
in time; she sleeps too much; she allows the house girl to bathe our children and cook and serve me food; He doesn’t give me enough money; He stays out too much….and so on and so forth.
No matter how you try to let the couple know that these issues are minor and can be resolved easily. They refuse to listen and you wonder why they are bickering over stupid matters.
And because you are naive or simply in the same boat as them, you fail to pry out the main cause of their fight –
Couples in Nigeria are ready to go separate ways than easily admit that they needed more romance.
Women are worse. A woman would rather die than speak out that she is not getting enough drill from her hubby. They will run around the issue, nag around it, cry around it and even gossip around it but will never face the main issue.
How can a woman sit in a marriage, feel aroused and never open her mouth to tell the man she is supposed to be married to. This must be because the women over here still think hating sex, or pretending to hate it means they are virtuous.
If you are too timid to mention it, send him a text message, even if he is sitting across from you on the dining table: “I want to f**k”
And the man would rather steal the sex outside than admit that he needed more pottorri from his wife to those who are wasting their time trying to settle them.
I can confidently tell you that more than 70% of marriage problems are because if nyash.
When some people come to me to complain about their marriage, I tell them, especially the women, to go and have sex with their husband while I think about their issues.
But how can two “enemies” have sex? Let them just do it. Before they finish, I must have come up with the solution to their problem.
There is no way you can be mean to someone you are emotionally close to. Someone inside you all the time. And lovemaking is a way to be close, to share and to mend.

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