10 Signs To Know If Your Boy Friend Wishes To Marry You


Everybody always claims to be in a relationship but the truth is..some people are confused where their own will lead them to, what does the future hold for both of them.
The girl sometimes out of fear, keeps her relationship open because she doesn’t trust if her boy friend will actually end up marrying her especially when she loves him. So long your boyfriend is not a pretender, I think these hints below may really help you a bit or to an extent if your boyfriend has really come to stay or hit-and-run type.
1. S*X IS NOT A PRIORITY: If your boy friend meets you as a virgin and never disturbs or pressures you over having s*x with you or giving him your virginity, it means he has really come to stay. Initially, you told him you wont have s*x till marriage even when you didnt mean it but just to try him yet his love for you never for one day changes, instead he encourages you..i think its an evidence that he loves you as a wife. If he meets you when you are no longer a virgin and can stay with you in same room for 2 or 3 days without being all about s*x if you are the type that visits and stays for some days or doesnt demand s*x whenever you come if you are the type that visits on a daily bases, I think its enough to believe that he wants not just s*x but your company also.
2. HE SPENDS MORE ON YOUR EDUCATION: He may not really be a rich guy but when it comes to your education, he will have money and spend it on it even when he doesnt spend much on you like that often. He sees you worthy to invest on to secure your future because he also sees it as his own future. Even as a rich guy, you notice he spends more on your education than other things about you. This is because he wants you not just to look good only but also to be somebody tomorrow and for him no to have any reason not to marry you.
3. HE SEEMS VERY JEALOUS: His jealousness is not that he doesnt trust you. He trusts you, he just doesnt want others to tell you what he tells you or others to feel what he feels for you. He doesnt want to have this imagination that someone will be sleeping with or touching his wife. He sees you as his wife already even when you are not and you know someone feels hurts when someone sleeps with his wife.
4.HE TRIES TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: He always asks about your family, he tries to know how many brothers and sisters you have, what they do, how many are married and how many are single. What your parents do..its not as if he wants to know how rich or poor your family is, he is only trying to have the picture of the kind of family he wants or wishes to marry from.
5. HE HIDES NOTHING FROM YOU: The reason why he hides nothing from you is because he believes that whatever he hides from you that you will definitely know when he marries you, so what does he gain in hiding something you will stil know tomorrow. He tells you what he likes and finds out what you like too. He tells you his life styles, his bad habits, things he can never do without and so on. He also tells you what he does for a living, sometimes he waits for you to ask in other to know if you would ask because he cant just start telling you unless you ask to avoid seeing him as someone who brags.

6. HE TRIES TO CHANGE CERTAIN THINGS ABOUT YOU: Nobody has ever met someone and liked or loved everything about the person. He will always try to change the ones he feels he can change even though they say you should not try to change someone but in this case, he wants to be happy with his marriage. When he changes the ones he can change about you, he will start learning on how to adjust, live and cope with the ones he cant change. Its because of this trying to change certain things about you that sometimes your relationship with him seems to exprience ups and downs but at the end, peace, understanding and joy will come into existence.
7. HE SEEMS NOT TO SPEND MUCH ON YOU: To you, you will think he doesnt spend much on you. We all know that there are guys that when they see a girl and wish to sleep with her, they will spend so much on her to get her to the extent that you will say..wow!..what a cheerful person. In his mind, he spends because he has a mission and once the mission is accomplished, he leaves or stops spending, some girls will understand or have exprienced this. There is no guy that will be dating a girl he wants to marry and just be spending on her like a fool, any guy who does that has a mission. When a guy who loves and wishes to marry you is dating you, he will be moderate on spending. This is because he will like to find out if all you want is his money or love and he cant find the answer by spending extravagantly on you. He will keep it slow, moderate and steady. He also believes that the more he saves now, the better he takes care of you tomorrow as his wife which is more important.
8. HE TRIES TO KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU: Knowing all about you ranges from knowing what you like most, what you like doing most, what you like eating most, your favourite colour, your favourite food, your weak point, what gets you angry, what makes you happy, how you see and understand things, how you handle things when angered, how many children you like to have as a wife and so on. He is not being too inquisitive, he is only trying to know if he can cope with your type or not because marrying someone is not like dating somene. If he has no plan for future with you, he wont care t know some of these things.
9. HE ADORES HOW YOU ARE: He adores how you are presently and will also adore how you will be in future especially when you tell him that your mum used to be slim and now she is fat..meaning that you may be fat too and he stil doesnt see it as anything. He tries to make your relationship attain that peak comfort level in which both of you will know and appreciate everything about each other.
10. HE LETS YOU KNOW WHEN YOU OFFEND HIM: He wont bear grudges for you or keep records of what you do to him. When you offend him, he will let you know by reacting to it and make you understand that he doesn’t like what you did. Its not like he is hot-tempered, he just wants you to understand and for you to try not to repeat it. Someone who doesnt have any intention of marrying you will say whats his business with what you do when you offend him afterall, is he going to marry you but someone who wishes to marry you will try to prevent such from happening next time and the only way to do that is by letting you know when you offend him. A hit and run type never feels offended, he will always be saying..its just a matter of time.

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