Naughty wife talks: Valentine crooks and heroes


Valentine is here, I am shocked that some men could actually be discussing or even making a joke about how to dodge their female friends or spouses on Valentine day because of money.
I hope when Nigerian men are accused of not being romantic they will not protest.
It is the same set of men that run away during Christmas and whatever just to avoid expenditure. And same kind of men will ditch their wives and family when there is financial problem, or any kind of trouble. They have no balls to stick around during thick and thin.
Anyway, some men are okay. They know that Valentine can be celebrated in many ways to show love.
What would it cost a man to give a Valentine dinner to his love? To buy her a flower, if that is the way she wants it?
What would it take a man to learn a new sex style to surprise his wife with?
What would it cost you to buy chocolate, wine, sexy undies, cards, love notes, even some jewelry to show love?
Any man who loves his wife or girlfriend can always find a way to please her.
And you know one funny thing? It is this set of men that are running away from Valentine that know how to shag well well. This type will be the type that would cry all over town that his woman refused to give him nyash. This type will moan how his woman does not love enough.
Anyway, women like me have bought red and hot undies for our Valentine, we have booked for roasted fish, the hotter and spicier the better. It will expand the blood vessels and allow a turgid erection.
But then, Valentine is not all about sex, you can kiss that day. You can take the family out or have a house dinner. Or you can have a kind of dish you have never had before. I know families planning to have pizza. In this part of the world, it is exotic. And Chinese is good too.
Your family can try a local dish you have never tried before and do a kind of family dance club. There is a lot for families to do this period to enjoy being a family and married.
Anyway, if you are running away, the Valentine crook, I pity for you. There are men, the heroes, out their ready to give anything to be with their loved ones this Valentine.

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