Relationship tips for single ladies


It can be really tough to navigate the potentially treacherous waters of a relationship – balancing your needs against what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, and the intrinsic feeling of failure you have if you aren’t successful or if your knight in shining armour is taking his sweet time arriving.
Below are 7 relationship tips for single women that will keep you real and keep you on the steady course to true happiness – with or without a relationship.
1. You Must Love Yourself Before You Can Love Someone Else: No one is going to complete a you that isn’t already whole. You must be in love with yourself before anyone else can be in love with you.
2. Slow Your Roll!: A lot of those dreamy couples claim that they knew on the first date that this was the person they are going to marry. Well, no matter how many times bae tells us that if he likes it, he better put a ring on it, try and keep this in mind: Not every date is a potential mate. One good date shouldn’t have you sending out the save the dates.
3. A Man Is Not A Lump Of Clay For You To Mold: It’s a cliche – a woman marries a man hoping he’ll change, a man marries a woman hoping she won’t. The truth is, don’t expect to change ANYONE – unless you’re a particularly good hypnotist.
4. Don’t Expect Different Results If You’re Repeating The Same Actions: It’s so easy to fall into a pattern – and, when we’ve been a loop for so long, we may come to think of that way of life as normal. Dating the same type of guy or repeating the same behaviour in a relationship is bound to yield the same results.
5. Enjoy Yourself While You Can: Believe it or not, you’re most likely not going to be single forever – so, enjoy the time you have with yourself and use it productively. Work on your career, your physical, mental, and emotional well being, and getting yourself into a place where you can offer someone the best of you.
6. Don’t Make Excuses For People Who Need To Be Excused From Your Life: There are two kinds of people who you don’t have time for – the ones who are dead weight and the pop-ins. The dead weights take your time and energy while giving you little or nothing in return – while the pop-ins come and go at their whim, leaving you wondering. It may be difficult to let go of these people, but once you do, we promise, you’ll feel lighter and more in control of your life.
7. Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend: It’s natural for a woman to want to show a man what a good wife she would make – and we’re instinctively nurturers. It’s fine to show caring and love to a man, but, be mindful of giving away too much of yourself too soon to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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