Ways to find true love online


Are you hoping that your online dating adventure will “net” you a Keeper? You’re not just fooling around – you are really looking to find and attract and enter into a relationship with one special person? Excellent.
Here’s your short, punchy guide for how to set yourself up for success.
1. Tell the truth: Let no untruth sneak onto your profile page. Have a trusted friend review what you’ve written and invite that person to help you embellish, slash and rephrase what you’re choosing to share about yourself.
2. About Those Photos: You simply MUST have current, clear, high quality photos on your profile. A sharp, smiling face shot and the ESSENTIAL full body shot – THIS YEAR’s version of you. Skip the shirt less selfie in the bathroom mirror, lose the shot with 6 other bridesmaids, ditch that sunglasses and cap shot.
3. Spin Positively: Let nothing negative fly off your fingertips. Frame everything you say in a positive light. Rather than saying “No couch potatoes” … say that you’re a good fit for someone who enjoys regular workouts and a healthy diet.
4. Look For What’s Right: It’s OK to have a long wish list. But the key is to get VERY clear with yourself about what really matters most. Whittle your oh-so-long list of Ideal Mate Qualifiers down to Your Top Five.
5. Say Yes: When in doubt, when a candidate is knocking on your door, if this person appears to have your coveted Top
Five Critical Criteria, practice saying Yes.
6. Have the courage to be vulnerable: Yes, it takes guts to put yourself at risk, to reach out, to say Yes, to call or to answer when the phone rings for you. How to bust through that fear is to focus on bringing a smile to this person’s face. It’s just an email. It’s just a text message. It’s just one date.
7. Be Present: Give the person in front of you (on your iPhone or in person) the gift of your presence. Resist the temptation to compare this person to a former love or to the fictitious ideal mate that you have lodged in your mind. Give this person the benefit of a fresh, open-minded perspective.

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