See How Girlfriend Does Wild After Catching Boyfriend with Another Woman


A woman has done the unthinkable after she found her boyfriend in the car with another woman in a busy road.

The irate lover girl climbs the car bonnet and tries to break the windshield
Truly, hell has no fury like a woman[s scorned! A woman proved that to be very true as she caused traffic and chaos after catching her boyfriend in his car with another woman.
The footage, captured by an amused witness who stood by laughing as the events unfolded, was shot in the Colombian city of Valledupar. She attacks the car by hitting it with her fist while shouting as people gathered.
“Get out of the car, get out of the car now”, she can be heard saying, a chant which is picked up by bystanders who look on curiously and egg her on.
After a moment or so with the car stationary in the busy road, the woman opts for a more severe course of action and stands on top of the windscreen.

The woman climbs the car’s bonnet to stop them from driving off
She begins to stomp up and down, smashing the entire window, which becomes cracked and caves in, although it does not shatter completely.
It is at this moment that her boyfriend and his alleged lover decide to try to flee from the scene, beginning to drive off.
The enraged woman refuses to stand down, though, and stays in the car’s way, climbing up again to avoid losing sight of them.
The car begins to move off and the crowd yells at the driver to slow down and give the women the opportunity to hop off as it then speeds of down the road. Determined not to give up, the angry woman then jumps on a nearby motorbike and gives chase.
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