MUST READ: 10 Things Women Wished Their Men Would Stop Doing To Their Bo. 0bs


1. Never ignore them:
This might be funny but the first rule of se x and breasts is that you must involve them in the sexual action. [Most] Women love to have their breasts touched and it would be unfair to let those twin jugs feel lonely.
2. Never hit them sharply:
Ladies have complained over and over again that some guys attack it the way
Floyd Mayweather used to attack- with no sign of civility or gentleness. Please cease and desist. Like a man’s balls, a direct blow to the breasts can yield intense pain to women so avoid hitting them intentionally or by mistake.
3. Don’t mash them:
You are not looking for cancer, neither are you kneading dough for chin chin.
Gently, sir, gently.
4. Never try to twist and rotate the boobs as if you’re squeezing clothes to dry.
Yes I know sometimes it’s tempting but going beyond the boob’s elastic limit . The breasts may look flexible and responsible to twisting, but there is an elastic limit which, if breached, you begin to give the owner of the boobs intense pain.
5. Never turn pinching to an attack.
Yes, it is okay to pinch the boobs lightly. But a handshake that goes beyond the shoulder is an attack, same with the breast. You are not crushing a bug
6. Never lick them like a child licks plate after a sweet meal.
Licking is one of the way to please a woman’s breasts. Still, you must be dignified as you do it, don’t make it look like you’re trying to lick paint off a chinaware.
7. Never juggle/jiggle them, you are not at the circus;
I know you need to shake the bottle of some drinks so the ingredients would mix properly but it is not same with boobs.
8. Never bite the breasts:
Okay, some women like to do it rough, but it is your duty to start gentle and stay gentle until the owner of the boobs says otherwise. Your teeth can do a lot of damage to that soft tissue!
9 Never focus on the Tip alone:
Many men are guilty of spending time lick, pinching, sucking, and twirling… the Tips while totally ignoring the main breasts.
10. Never pull on them.
Okay bro, don’t do that. Even if you are caught in the excitement of sex, ignore the urge to pull at her breasts. You are not trying to make them fall like naira value and they may not be torn off her chest.
Remember to fear women and respect their breast.

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