Read Shocking and Unbelievable Lies Men Have Told to Get Women into Bed


Some men can be very cunning and deceptive when it comes to trying to have s*x with a woman. Here are just some of the shocking and unbelievable things men do and say to lure a woman to bed.

The lengths some men will go to get a woman into bed are genuinely shocking. Here is what The Sun gathered on this interesting and controversial topic.
A Reddit user asked the community to post the “most extravagant lie” they have ever told to “get laid”.
And the response was pretty outrageous, with many men admitting to telling downright ridiculous fibs to get in a woman’s pants.
Guys lied about their jobs, ages, penis sizes, families and even their sexuality.
One man commented: “I once convinced a girl I was gay but I had always wanted to be with a woman to know how the other half lived. She happily obliged.”
Another wrote: “I had Pyloric stenosis when I was like three months old, so I have the straight cut scar on my abs, to the upper right, above my belly button.
“But that’s boring, so I just tell ’em I got stabbed in a bar fight, and still beat the s*** outa the guy.”
A female Redditer posted: “When we first met, my husband told me he used to be addicted to heroin.
“I liked the bad boy thing, I guess. Six years later I find out he smoked weed, like twice.
“So brave. Wow so edge.”
Another man said he told a girl his penis was “horrendously tiny”, adding: “Pity sex is what they think it is initially, until they realize how much “bigger” it is than what I said. Yeah, SURPRISE!!”
One shameless guy wrote: “I once told a girl my sister had died to be relatable, if you understand what I’m saying.
“I’m a terrible person. Still banged.”
A male user admitted: “I once told a girl that I had two dads (as in they’re gay).
“She ate that s*** up, total panty dropper. I don’t even know how I came up with it, just a flash of drunken brilliance.”
One guy told how he played wingman for his mate Murphy, who apparently lived by the motto “if you ain’t lyin’, you ain’t tryin’”, for years.
He explained he would get phonecalls from girls in the night asking if Murphy “really was a fighter pilot”.
He would then back up the lie, telling them: “Yeah, a hero. He saved my life”.
Another said he told his wife he got hired by Google, while one said he was a 27-year-old systems coordinator at a law firm when he was actually 22 and she was 30.
Lies about jobs were pretty common.
One guy said he managed to convince a girl he was a dolphin trainer at Sea World, while another wrote he “half-jokingly” said he was an astronaut.
He admitted: “She believed it and I just went with it.”
One told how he inadvertently fooled a girl into thinking he was from another country.
He said: “I was asked if I was Australian and I said yes as a joke, but she believed me and I wasn’t even putting on an accent.
“She was just drunk and stupid.”
Another admitted: “As a Canadian going to an American school I convinced a girl I was having a family crisis when my igloo back home melted, I was shocked myself when this worked.”
Some girls got in on the action too.
One wrote: “As a girl all I have to say is ‘I’ve never done this before’.”

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