7 ways double dating helps your relationship


Are you looking for ways to strengthen your bond or break out of your usual routine?
Here are 7 reasons why inviting another couple to join you on your next date ups the romance factor in your relationship.
1) IT ALLOWS YOU SEE YOUR PARTNER FROM SOMEONE ELSES PERSPECTIVE: Sometimes it takes another couple to remind your how amazing your other half is — whether it’s a special talent he or she has or just a knack for ordering a fantastic bottle of wine.
2) YOU TEND TO DRESS UP MORE THAN YOU USUALLY WOULD: When the two of you go out, a t-shirt and jeans may be fine for the movies, but when you double date with another couple, you tend to take things up a notch — and making that extra effort when it comes to your appearance can be very attractive.
3) WHAT’S OLD WILL TURN NEW AGAIN: You may have heard that story about a guy and his college friends getting arrested on a scavenger hunt a million times. When you’re on a double date, those same old stories suddenly become hilarious anecdotes because the other couple hasn’t heard them yet. Instead of rolling your eyes or checking your cell phone, suddenly, you’re laughing and finishing each other’s sentences.
4) A LITTLE FLIRTATION COULD BE GOOD FOR YOU: A little fun, harmless banter between couples never hurt anyone. In fact, it can make you just the right amount of jealous and territorial instead. When you go on a double date, seeing that someone else finds your partner to be witty, charming — and yes, even sexy — can go a long way toward sparking new interest in your mate.
5) IT BRINGS UP YOUR SHARED HISTORY: When you’re double dating, you tend to tell stories about your shared experiences together. So even if you were sparring over whose turn it is to clean the toilet just before you left the house, when you’re talking to your friends, you’ll most likely find that you present a united front — whether it’s about politics, favourite vacation spots or what kind of toppings to get on the pizza for dinner.
6) IT BREAKS-UP YOUR USUAL DATE NIGHT ROUTINE: When you and your partner go out, you’ve got your old standby: maybe it’s a favourite brunch place, familiar movie theatre or a diner where the waitress knows your usual drink order. But when you venture you don’t need to choose a perfect couple to go on a double date with…
7) THE OTHER COUPLE CAN INSPIRE YOU IN UNEXPECTED WAYS: You don’t need to choose a perfect couple to go on a double date with; just find a pair with whom you can have some fun and feel comfortable around. After all, their loving attitude toward each other might rub off on the two of you — or you could learn something from their particular style of problem-solving or way of looking at the world that benefits your own relationship.

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