When your husband is horrible in bed


For you to know that your husband is bad in bed, it only means you’ve had it better.
And when he is horrible in bed, lovemaking time would become the most awful part of the day in your marital life.
And the worst part of it, most women, in this country would rather die than let their husband know he is committing unpalatable blunders in bed. And another sorry part of the dilemma, the man would be made to believe he is the best thing that ever happened to s*x after the invention of mattress, because the woman would give him false confidence by her fake org**ms. Some will just assume library mode, silence.
The only thing that could make the man to start thinking whether he wasn’t giving his missus the right jogs in bed is from her behaviour. She is capable of biting his head off at any slight provocation. She is moody most times and quarrels irrelevantly. She abhors s*x. In fact she could go for weeks and months, even years, if permitted, without it.
Here is a piece of advice for ya. If your husband sucks in bed, guide him to what you want, or how to do it. Unless you are married to an unmitigated ars*hole, he should be grateful that his wife is eager to enjoy s*x with him and show him how to please her.
Except he is screwed up and pretending you never had s*x, despite he didn’t meet you a virgin, he should know that you are experienced. When I say experienced, I don’t mean you nyashed half the town, but at least you’ve slept with a guy who knew how to do it. And now, while married to him, you are day dreaming to hell.
Or maybe you’ve watched enough p*rn, or read enough romantic novels, to discern how a woman should be handled. Or maybe, you are a masturbator who has long discovered her G-spot and knows how to get there.
So, since you guys are going to be stuck to each other in this marriage, you better teach each other what you want in bed. And you start by being sincere and not faking rubbish org**m. And then let him know the things he does that you like.
No matter how horrible a guy is in bed, there are things or thing he does right. Being bad in bed doesn’t mean he is all bad in every move he makes. It means he doesn’t know how to coordinate all his moves to please a woman. He could be banging too hard or too fast when he should take it slow. Or maybe, he is jerky and unsure of himself. He is nervous. He doesn’t know when to change style. He doesn’t know how to kiss. Or maybe he comes too soon and didn’t know what foreplay is or after play. He doesn’t give a good head or thinks it is evil. He attacks your pu**y as if it is an enemy to be vanquished.
So, commend him on the ones he does right, so that he can do more of it. But talk to him about it when you guys are not in bed. Maybe somewhere else or doing something else, when it is appropriate, bring up the s*x talk and let him know things you like and do not like. And tell him the new things you want you guys to try out. While in bed, subtly guide him. Use your thigh muscles to regulate his movement. And use your hands too to guide his ignorant hands.
Please, stop stressing your marriage because your husband is not drilling you the way you like it. Let him know it. If you can’t tell him face to face, write him a letter. Or draw him a diagram if he can’t read well. If he refuses to comply, tell him you will report him to his father. Just imagine how it would sound while telling his old father: “Baba, your son no gree give me doggy o. He no dey suck me o. Warn am o.”

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