Mum kills her newborn baby because of the striking resemblance to her lover

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27-year-old Elena Smocot who was married was with her two children and her seven-year-old nephew in Barlad, Romania, when she noticed the striking resemblance between her new born baby boy and her lover.
When she realized that her husband wasn’t the father of her newborn baby, she picked the infant up by his legs and swung him several times, repeatedly hitting his head against a furniture until the baby stopped crying.

She then took her son outside, put him on the ground, and began to stomp on him repeatedly.
Her four-year-old son and nephew heard the noises and ran outside, where they saw what Smocot was doing and ran to a neighbors’ house to tell them what she was doing.

However, by the time they returned with neighbors and police, Smocot had used a broken roof tile and cut the infant in half with it. After she cut the infant up, she pulled out his intestines, put his body parts in the bathtub, and took a shower with them.

Smocot was promptly arrested and charged with killing her baby in front of her four-year-old son and her nephew, aged seven.

She told police that removing the child’s intestines had been difficult, and that it was easier removing a chicken’s intenstines than her son’s. She unemotionally told the Police that she had to pull twice to get her son’s intestines out and had to repeatedly chop at the corpse.
She told police that her horrific actions were triggered by observing how her newborn son bore a striking resemblance to the man she’d been having an affair with.

In court, evidence was presented that Smocot may been experiencing severe depression, adding that in both 2010 and 2012 she had suffered from postnatal depression but the court rejected that plea stating that she knew what she was doing when she tortured and killed the innocent child.

.The court ruled that despite the possibility of postnatal depression, she was aware of her actions, thus guilty of murder.

Smocot has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.


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