Things happen when you are good in bed


When your wife treats you like a king, then there is something you are doing right.
Your wife could treat you with respect as her husband or allow you to have your way, but she doesn’t treat you like a king with happiness.
There are women who make it a point of duty to respect their husband or treat him like a king but it doesn’t come from the heart, just a duty. It is different when a woman happily treats you like a king. She does everything for you with joy.
Then, you must be good in bed.
When you are good in bed, a telltale sign keeps flashing from your wife.
In fact a discerning eye would know she regularly eats a sumptuous meal at home.
When you are good in bed, you don’t need to buy s*x from your wife or threaten her into it.
Some men actually blackmail their wife into having s*x with them. “If you don’t give it to me, I will go and get it outside.”
Instead of blackmailing your wife, why not learn how to keep her wanting more from you?
S*x is not all about thrusting in and out of her hole like a man digging for bush rat. The things you do before, during and after sex are what make up lovemaking in the true sense if it.
When you are good in bed, you eat good food at home and you hear good cheery singing from the kitchen or bathroom.
When you are good in bed, your wife’s nagging stops abruptly. Those petty quarrels will abate or even stop. Your relatives might even gain from it. Your wife will be grateful to them for raising such a wonder in bed.
Women who spend their money willingly for a man is really getting it good in bed. She buys you things and wants to look at your face when you accept the gift.
She wants to have more sex with you. Women want good drilling much as men do.
She doesn’t get headaches all the time.
And when you can give a good head, if you could eat p**sy well, then, you are the true alpha male. Take it to the bank.

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