How to keep it fresh in marriage


I have heard single people ask how possible it is to enjoy sex with one person for the rest of their life.
If all you are looking for in a marriage is hot gbenching, then don’t get married. You can remain single and do it with whomever you want until you die.
How does it sound?
This is where variety is the spice of life comes in, as if the thing is different. Maybe there are ones sugar or salt was poured into. Or some molded in gold or silver. Or probably there are palomitas’s with extra padding or rings.
Asides from those that have been heavily battered, all pottoris are basically the same. The only difference is the owner. So, what is the variety in it?
It is like drinking Panadol in Abuja or Lagos. The difference is where you drank the Panadol. Your headache was cured in a difference geographical location.
So, it simply means that you have to consider love while planning marriage. You hardly get tired of whom you love.
It is fresh every morning.
Sometimes, you guys will only be happy in each other’s company until the time your blokos decides to be naughty.
But then, here are a few tips to help keep it fresh:
Keep touching each other. When you are not having sex, touch. Hold hands or whatever. Brush past each other. Instead of greeting the hubby good morning, shake his blokos.RipplesNigeria
Schedule your sex. I am not joking. You guys need to keep a date on the day you will shag. Okay, on Wednesday, yep. Get ready and look forward to it. It will give the wife, time to mentally get ready. It is even exciting.
Find time to kiss or do other sexual things that don’thave to do with inserting blokos into a conejo.
Argue. Join different football teams or political parties and fight it out. Don’t be afraid to quarrel. Make up s*x is so refreshingly hot.
Update your s*x styles. Do something different. Instead of always being on top and on top the bed, stay under and on the couch.
Do something outside of your house. Together, both of you should find interesting activities to do together outside your home, like sports, game, a course, dancing, gym. Go dancing. Learn salsa with the hubby. There is a lot of waist shaking and swinging inside it. And you will have a reason to grope the husband in public.

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