When your husband has a big and long thing.


What would a bride do when she finds out that her husband has loooong blokos?
The problem here is that her pottorri is not deep enough to accommodate that anaconda scowling at her like an armed robber.
If she tries to be brave and take it in full, there is every possibility it will come out of her mouth in the form of vomit.
Then if the baton is also big, then blowjob business could also be affected. Her mouth may not have enough elasticity to accommodate it. You can only find that kind of mouth among professional women.
During one of my radio shows a woman talked about how her friend’s marriage was in jeopardy because her husband’s staff was too long that it gave the woman nightmares.
I think I have talked about this max johnson problem before. The man should measure out the length of meat his wife can take and put a ring or tie a rope or tape around it. While making love, he shouldn’t exceed that measurement unless the wife requests it. As she is opening up little by little.
And the woman should avoid eating anything heavy any day they are going to make love, I recommend she starve. The more room there is in her stomach the easier for her to accommodate her husband’s gigantic appendage.
Na wa o. No be small matter.
I don’t know why a man with loooong thing should go and marry a woman with smaaaaall thing.
Anyway, maybe they are religious and didn’t sample before marriage, which is very good and saintly. But then, if you found yourself in this situation, do not despair too much. Use your sense.
Luckily for you most men with big hammers hardly maintain long erection. They do not last long because it takes a lot of blood and energy to raise a big python like that.
Abeg let me go and watch film joor.

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