Naughty Talks: Why you should free your b**bs.


Whether you like it or not, your bijongas will bow to gravity one day. I am talking to women who think that by imprisoning their boobs inside a tight bra morning to night and to the next morning will keep them standing and young.
If you have hard b**bs, the type that causes go-slow. I want you to know that there is nothing you can do to prevent gravity. Their weight and heaviness must make it stare at the ground like a disappointed di*k.
If you have pimple headlights, it is easier to keep it standing for a while until old age comes calling.
Today, I want you to know that wearing bra all the time will not help your breast stay standing and not fall like a ripe mango. In fact, breasts that do not wear bra all the time are better off, because freedom will allow it to move naturally, to shake and bounce up and down. The kind of movement men are fond of.
Wearing bra for a long time, more than 12 hours a day is bad for your baby food. It cuts off circulation, causes shoulder and back pain and it can even aid cancer growth.
I advise you massage your boobs. This is the kind of house chore your husband will like very much. You don’t need to beg him too much. He will help you massage it very well in the morning before work, in the afternoon and in the night before sleep.
And while making love, the best way to handle the b**bs is to push them up together to be staring at your man while he is on top. There is no point lying down and the pawpaw are looking sideways. Chest to chest is best when the man’s flat chest is rested on your pillowy ones.
You can also try and have breast orgasm. And b**bs sex. Just do something with your boobs apart from producing milk and being packed inside bras and girdle. Free the twins.
Email me and tell me how it went.

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