Father molests his 6 year-old daughter but avoids jail because of this reason


A 6-year-old girl who was recovering from a brain tumor told her mum while being tucked into bed one night last March that her Dad had being molesting her but told her mum not to tell anyone.
She said her Dad had made her touch his genitalia. She told her mum:
“Mommy, I touch my daddy’s peepeeluca,” referring to her dad’s genitalia. “Promise you won’t tell,”
“If you tell everybody in the whole wide world, he’ll go to jail ’cause it’s a secret,” she said, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in court in Marion County, Indianapolis.
The girl who is now 7, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August 2013, she had surgery to remove the tumor and was sent for follow-up treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, where she lived for four months.
Throughout her ordeal, according to the court documents,her father stayed by her side.
“Jeremy would stay in her bed until she fell asleep and he would sometimes fall asleep in the bed with her,” according to the probable cause affidavit. “He would also occasionally sleep on a mattress on her floor and he would sometimes come into the bedroom and sleep on the bed” with her. “He would also sleep on the couch or on a mattress in the living room, sometimes.”
Schwer was described as a “perfect daddy figure,” according to the documents.

When the child’s mother confronted Schwer, he said:
“No, no, no, I was asleep and she touched it one time in my sleep,” according to the court documents. “I didn’t hurt her,”. “I didn’t hurt her.”
The girl’s 41-year-old father Jeremy Schwer, was arrested but won’t be going to jail, instead, he has been sentenced to 12 years probation for felony child molestation after his now-estranged wife wrote a letter to a judge, begging him not to put imprison him, according to the Indianapolis Star.
The mother, who has since filed for divorce, told the judge she needed Schwer to work so he could provide financial support to her and their two children.

The judge accepted the plea and said he wanted Schwer “to keep his job and help his wife and two little children with health insurance and expenses.”. But the negative media attention has made Schwer lose his job and made him his client unemployable in his little town of Indianapolis
“He’s not a bad man; he made a mistake,” Schwer’s attorney, John Campbell, told The Washington Post.
Schwer was charged with “foundling or touching” his daughter between July 10, 2014, and March 6, 2015. He entered a guilty plea Tuesday, Marion Superior Court Magistrate Steven Rubick instead sentenced him to 12 years probation. He will be on GPS monitoring for the first six years, he has also been ordered to register as a sex offender and vacate the family home.

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