Little things women need from men


No matter what you think you are doing for your wife, if she doesn’t feel loved, you as good as pouring water on a stone and hoping it would absorb it.
There are things you do to you wife that will never allow her believe you love her. That she is nagging you or unhappy with things you do could be that she is not sure you love her. You’ve not said you love her ever since you married her. In fact the last time she heard anything that sounded like ‘I love you’ from you was before you roped her into house as your wife.
Even sex cannot make you say it. Does it mean you truly do not love her? Since you cannot say it.
Do you even see your wife? Since when did you notice that she made a new hair style or wore a new pant? Do you even notice that she is in a bad mood or worried? Do you know when she wants to be intimate with you or do you need her to put up a huge billboard for it?
Let me clue you on something. Do you know that the state of your wife’s vagina can tell you whether she is happy with you or not? Take it to the bank. But oh, I forgot you don’t even know the state of your wife’s pottori to begin with. You just shove in and out when you feel like and that’s it.
So, try and look at your wife, notice her, admire her, appreciate her and let her know you look at her. Maybe wink at her when she catches you eyeing her. Sometimes, it is good to let her know you are staring at her boobs or ikebe. It is often good to be lecherous around your wife in the privacy of your home.
And that leads to the feeling of being sexually desired. When a woman starts feeling that the only time her husband remembers her is when he doesn’t have any other place to stick his penis into, she will hate the relationship. She should feel that her husband sexually desires her truly. That all he thinks of is filling her up. He appreciates her goods. He sees her as a desirable woman. Tell her what you love her body.
Let her know you can protect her. Don’t be the first to dive under the bed at a loud shout from the door. Also give her feeling of security. You work hard because you do not want her to worry about the future. Show her that your balls are not for decoration, or just for fondling while lying on the couch watching TV while she works her arse off to pay the bills.

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