For cheating on her, see what jealous woman did to her husband (photos)


They say ‘hell has no fury like a woman scorned’ and this read true when a Chinese woman caught her husband trying to cheat on her.

A Chinese woman found the ‘best way’ to humiliate her husband online, after she caught him messaging other women.

The woman who can be seen leaning against the headboard of their bed while pressing her phone, had forced her husband to wear a bright pink bra and also pasted an unused sanitary pad on his forehead.

The man is seen crying in embarrassment and possibly pain, seeing as he was forced to kneel down on what appears to be durian fruit, which has spiky skin (popular in South Eastern Asia).

The man was heard saying what is translated as:

”I admit that I made a mistake, I should not have sent my private photos via Wechat. I should not have initiated the conversation.”

His wife pushed him to confess further by asking him “who did you approach?“, to which he answered saying: ”I talked to several women. I said something I should not have said”. She then said ‘That’s why you ended up like this, right? who asked you to kneel down?’

The man knelt down on spiky durian fruit

He responded saying: “My wife asked me to do so.” His wife then said ‘I asked you to kneel down, and do you obey my commands?’

He said: ‘I am willing to receive a harsh punishment’. His wife asked: ‘Will you continue talking to them?’ , he promised not to do it again, just before he started crying, saying: ”my dear wife, these are all durian skins. I just can’t stand it anymore.”

It is however not know, who was recording the video of the punishment, and it has since gone viral.

Do you think Naija men go gree for this one?

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