See the barbecued frogs Nigerians now eat because of recession (photos, video, recipe)


One beautiful thing about being human is our ability to be creative when it comes to survival. In this present state and time when prices of things have doubled, people are starting to explore their options when it comes to food.

This man makes 20K every week for selling barbecued frogs

Irrespective of the economic situation, we have to eat in order to survive this situation and live to tell the upcoming generation our history. As hard as things are here, it is a blessing for many people as they were able to discover themselves and make use of their embedded potentials.

The recession made a young Nigerian lady go into farming since she could not afford to buy a cup of garri for a ridiculous price. Similarly, another lady decided to charge the ladies in the society when she decided to learn the art of POP designs in order to survive.


Our young men now enjoy going into the bush to hunt in order to survive. As interesting as these sound, the situation of things forced people to make those choices. For who would be willing to work or go extra miles if everything you need in life is served you on a platter of gold?

Nigerians have tasted a variety of foods in this period; people ate snake pepper soup when they got bored with fish pepper soup. The snake market has been making remarkable sales since then.

People have stepped on and have found another delightful delicacy to eat. Barbecued frogs seem to be trending for obvious reasons; they are readily available and loaded with enough proteins.

This man makes 20K every week for selling barbecued frogs

Before now, Nigerians eat dried frogs arranged on sticks like dried fish. Some people simply eat this as a snack while some make vegetable soup with it. But of recent, a Nigerian man identified as Solomon Nwafor, has made a lot of money making frogs look attractive and palatable as barbecue.

A piece of frog which belongs to the class of amphibians goes for N200, this means that the sellers can get as much as 5K when they sell a small carton. Solomon Nwafor shared his experience as a frog hunter in a village in Kano.

This man makes 20K every week for selling barbecued frogs

This man gets up early in the morning to hunt for frogs. he does this late in the evening too. Nwafor realises about N20,000 weekly from the sales of frogs. The barbecued frogs seem to be taking this man places as Hausas patronise him a lot.

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