Health is Wealth: See How Eating This One Thing a Day Keeps You Safe From Stroke


Scientists have discovered that merely eating this one thing a day will help safeguard your body from suffering stroke. Instead, they found the popular food item may reduce inflammation that can trigger disease. Scientists looked at the diet of around 300,000 adults. They found a daily egg cut stroke chances by 12 per cent.
And although they found no impact on heart disease, the study suggests it reduced risk by three per cent.
Lead researcher Dr Dominik Alexander, from the EpidStat Institute in Michigan, said: “Eggs do have many positive nutritional attributes, including antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

“They are also an excellent source of protein, which has been related to lower blood pressure.”
One large egg boasts six grams of protein, as well as vitamins E, D, and A, and antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.
The research, published in the American College of Nutrition journal, was funded by the American Egg Board.

Dr Tia Rains, Interim Executive Director of the U.S. Egg Nutrition Center, said: “This systematic review and meta-analysis underscores prior research, showing the lack of a relationship between eggs and heart disease and now suggests a possible beneficial effect of eating eggs on risk of stroke.”
Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said the new findings reinforce the idea that eating eggs in moderation “does not increase the risk of heart disease”.
“The fact that eggs can reduce your risk of having a stroke is interesting, however more research is needed to fully understand this association,” she told The Sun.
“Eggs are a nutritious food, but you do need to pay attention to how the eggs are cooked and to the trimmings that come with them.
“For example, poached eggs on wholegrain toast is a very different meal to a fry up.”
In January, British officials said pregnant women and young kids can safely eat runny eggs again for the first time in 28 years.
They said the risk of catching salmonella is now very low.
Experts said everyone is now free to enjoy undercooked eggs as long as they bear the British Lion stamp.

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