This Man Does Not Have Hands But He is an Expert Driver…You Won’t Believe How He Does It (Photos)


A man who is without hands has stunned people with his determination to drive by himself after employing special tactics to perform the magic.

Vikram Agnihotri driving with his feet Vikram Agnihotri is a 45-year-old man who is currently an inspiration to many people.

The inspiring man who lost his arms when he was just seven, has not allowed his disability to stop his move in life.

He now uses his nose and feet to play tennis, swim and even drive.

According to Daily Mail, Agnihotri, 45, from Indore, India, swims and goes to the gym every morning, and plays tennis using his shoulders.

He lost his arms when he accidentally touched a high voltage wire, but says he has taken his disability as ‘a gift’.

He said: ‘All my friends are interested in sports. I too wanted to join them. Though it was very difficult it was not impossible.’
Daily Mail reports that Mr Agnihotri learned to do basic tasks such as shave with his feet and operate his phone with his nose.

Shorty afterwards, he pushed himself to start playing tennis and swimming so he could join in with his friends.
He said: ‘There are many things that I cannot do, but if I focus on the things that I can, they are much more. Why would I focus on things that I can’t do?’

Mr Agnihotri was an active child before the accident and he refused to let the tragedy hold him back.

He said: ‘It was an embarrassment for me in the initial stage but then I took it as a gift. My friends never made me feel bad.

‘Once you accept the circumstances and once you accept yourself, you feel that everything becomes very small.

‘I learned new things in my life after the accident. I learned swimming, which gave me a purpose in life. I was doing all the activities like any other child.’

Mr Agnihotri has baffled everyone on the road with his driving skills. His unusual technique involves driving the car with his feet.

He said: ‘I always wanted to drive like a normal person. Initially, I struggled a lot but now I am driving a car like the normal people.

‘Luckily I have good friends and they always encourage me. I owe them a lot. They encouraged me to take my disability as an advantage to do something extraordinary.’

With that encouragement, Mr Agnihotri set up an NGO called Winners In Life that runs motivational training programmes and lectures for disabled people.

He said: ‘I have been running this NGO for the last three years and I feel I am doing what I was meant to do. It is giving me a lot of satisfaction.’
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