Marriage Advice: 5 reasons it’s okay for couples to sleep in separate bedrooms


According to relationship experts, everyone needs space and ‘taking different bedrooms is good for emotional health, for couples to get better sleep and to let the dust settle after a fight while trying to balance between work and kids’.

Inspired by Beliefnet, here are 5 reasons it’s okay for couples to sleep in separate bedrooms

1. Lack of sleep
Getting little on no sleep can affect everything about you, your health, emotions and make you breed resentment towards your spouse for making you stay awake at night. According to a research done by the by University of California-Berkeley, people who are more committed to their relationship are those who feel they are being appreciated by their partners.

2. A better sex life
Relationship experts say couples miss each other more when they sleep apart for a while, this will lead to better intimacy with a better mood.
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3. Separate schedules
Nowadays, husbands and wives work to support the family and there may be a difference in work schedules which why it’s necessary to have separate bedrooms so one spouse doesn’t disturb the other. Marital therapist, George H. Williams, PhD, says there’s nothing wrong with couples sleeping apart. “There’s nothing at all wrong with sleeping apart, but it goes against everyone’s myth that we should all sleep cuddled up together — that’s our ideal vision. And most people want to get back to that ideal,” Williams says.

4. It may sound good but not really practical
Unless you both live in a single room apartment, then the thought of being comfortable in each other’s arms for a long time is easier said than done. It may affect intimacy and communication in a negative way if it this turns into a habit, one of you would just have to give up after being deprived of sleep for several hours.

5. Preferences may differ
It doesn’t mean you both aren’t compatible because you choose to sleep in different bedrooms, sometimes the way you like to sleep isn’t the way your partner would love to. You may want the bedroom cold while they’ll want it kept warm before sleeping.

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