The UNIZIK Medical Student/ Miss Anambra 2015 Lesbian Se x Video, ”WHY I DID IT” (MY STORY)


Everybody wanted to know, people kept calling, both those I
knew and many others i didn’t even know, some feigned
concern, but I knew better, they merely wanted to be the first
to tell the story.I was scared, very scared…this isn’t
happening to me, not now of all times, I thought to myself.
It all started years ago, after i had gained admission to study
Accountancy in the University, it was my dream course, my
parents were very happy for me. I had written the same exam
the year before but couldn’t gain admission, and now I had
finally gotten it.
The following day, I went to the village to tell my dear
grandma, she was so happy for me, she jumped and danced
around, singing “Jehovah emewo ya” {God has done it}…my
daughter will finally become an “ackantant”,she said this while
at the same time holding my hands and hugging me so tightly
that I could hardly breath, I was lost to the smell of her cloth
which smelt heavily of smoked fish.She literally slept with it,
she kept it under her bed in a metallic crafted container, “I am
keeping it safe from the reach of human rats” she would say,
each time when asked, and by human rats we knew she
meant Afam {Afam was the boy we brought to stay with
Mama in the village, he was an apprentice, learning bicycle
repairs in Uncle Emeka’s Shop }
Uncle Emeka was my favorite uncle, and he would often refer
to me, as his favorite niece. Whenever we came to visit mama
in the village during Christmas, Uncle Emeka would load a bag
full of mangos and give me to carry home with me, he knew
how I loved mango.
Before I left the village, I went to see Uncle Emeka to break
the good news to him. He was full of joy, and praised God
passionately for me, after which he dipped his hands into his
pocket and gave me the sum of two thousand naira, “ezigbo
Ada, use this to buy something for yourself, i am so proud of
you Ada, my own Accountant” he said happily.
The night before the very day I was to leave for school, Mum
and Dad called me to the living room for some advice ” my
daughter, we are very proud of you, and we are glad that you
have now gotten the opportunity to proceed to the university
with your mates to study and make something of your life “,
said my dear father with eyes full of joy and a deep sense of
fulfilment “but my daughter we have to tell you this now”
mum interrupted “you have to be very careful,the University is
a world of it’s own, you are going there without us to direct
you, nne you must ensure that you stay away from bad
friends, inugo?”
I didn’t understand why they were going through all this
trouble just because I was leaving for the same university Oge
and Peace were already in {Oge and Peace were my bunk
mates in secondary school and they had gotten admission the
year before} I could remember the stories they often told me
about life in the university, particularly the lifestyle of some big
boys and girls who appeared to live larger than life, I couldn’t
wait to see all these for myself.
As we drove into school that afternoon, dad kept calling Peace
my friend for direction to the hostel which she had already
secured for me. It happened that there was a free
accommodation in her hostel, I was so happy, I had actually
wished to stay with her, but she was already staying with
Oge, “we couldn’t possibly stay three in a room nne, but I
have a friend Chidera, she is my opposite door neighbor and
we are very close, her room mate had just graduated, and I
begged her to let you stay with her, and she agreed” Peace
had told me earlier.
“Girls come and hear ooh!” Chidera called out to Oge and
Peace “Ada said no man has ever been there before
oooh!” {“there” they were referring to in between my legs} they
all seemed very surprise at this.
As an 18 year old, i had entered the university a virgin, but
they made it feel so unusual, that i felt so compelled to do
something about it. Consequently, martin my first school
boyfriend also become my first…
My room mate Chidera was so nice to me, she made sure our
room was well furnished with the latest gadgets. Together
{Chidera, Oge and Peace} were almost always on the road,
they travelled every single weekend, sometimes to Abuja and
other times to Lagos, on an all expense paid trip and mostly
by air.
I could remember asking them repeatedly of their whereabout,
and they telling me I wouldn’t understand, Peace particularly
told me I wasn’t ready yet. But each time they embarked on
such trips, I could always count on their bringing something
back for me, ranging from new handbags, to clothes, to the
latest shoes. As a matter of fact, the phone I used all through
my year one and partly my year two, was the one Chidera
gave me, a very expensive phone that I would never have been
able to afford by myself.
“Ada come, we get gist for you” Oge and Peace called out as
they entered my room, “e get this pageant we go like make
you join contest for, babe this one big I swear!” Peace
remarked “babe if you win, dey go give you tear rubber car,
this one no be all this small pageant wey dey happen for town
these days, babe this one get better packaging” Oge
concluded. At this Chidera weighed in “But you guys know this
would actually require money, if she must win, una know we
go need use money runs am” after they have talked about it
for a while, they concluded “we would have to see this
through, we just have to find a way to make it happen.”
One fateful day, they all came into the room with a certain
urgency in their voice “babe we get parole wey we go need
make you help us arrange” Peace said.
As it appeared they had a certain man in Abuja who wanted
them to come as usual, and according to them they had
equally told him, about the contest and he agreed to sponsor
me, but demanded that we do “a little something” for him

” There is no way am going to do that! ” I screamed.
Eventually, I discovered that the little something as they
referred to it, was not as little as i had thought it would be.
He actually wanted us make a nude video for him, so that he
can be sure of what he was paying for, according to them.
“To hell with him and his money” i insisted, “babe remember
say na you we wan help arrange this matter, the man no even
dey ask make you come personally, and he don already talk
say he go pay for everything, and on top of that one, he don
already reason with the organisers of the kind pageant and
they don already assure am say they go make sure you win
this thing” Peace said. This went on daily till I could no longer
put up any more resistance. Eventually, It happened that all
the man ever wanted from me, was for me to be in the video,
he wasn’t going to ask me to come to Abuja after all. I knew
it didn’t automatically make everything right, and i was also
very reluctant at some point, till i convinced myself that i had
no option.
“Babe oya drink this, I put a little something for am, make em
help you do this thing well” Peace said. Chidera had already
gone on another visit to Abuja, I was to do this video with
Peace and Oge. After I drank the mixture Peace prepared for
me, I wasn’t myself again. At the end of the day I threw up
many times.
“And the Winner is contestant number 14, Ada Ikpeama” I
couldn’t believe my ears, I had won, I really won, so he kept
to his words.
It was three nights later that it all started, I had received a
call by 1am that morning, it was a male voice on the other
end, and I can never forget the words which followed
“I have something that may interest you, and you must play
by my rules or else…”
that was all he said before he ended the call. The next
morning, I received a video from an anonymous source and
shockingly…it was the video I did with Oge and Peace.
“Jesus!” I screamed.
“Babe no be that man do this, he assured me say he go delete
the video” Peace remarked. “Wetin this person come want
from you naaa?” Oge asked,
“he said I should send the sum of five hundred thousand naira
to the account he would send me or else…” I replied.
“Or else what, is he mad, who does he think he is? Peace
screamed angrily.
Several months later, his incessant demands were beginning
to wear me out. He demanded that i sent him the sum of five
hundred thousand every single month, which of course i did
out of fear just to make sure this already sad event was not
blown out of proportion. But I couldn’t bear it any longer, I
was already very broke, I had borrowed, and i had begged, just
to make sure i met with this strangers selfish demands.
“See Mr Man, I am not going to continue with this any more,
you can do your worst, you can go ahead and kill me, if that’s
what you want, after all we can only die once” I yelled into the
phone, at the top of my voice.
But I sure didn’t mean all that, I was just already getting very
frustrated with the whole arrangement. Up until this time, i
had hoped somehow his conscience would become functional
again.But I really didn’t envisage what was to follow shortly
On this very fateful day, i received a call in the very early
hours of the morning about a nude picture of me on the net, I
couldn’t believe it. It was a video and not a picture that he
had i thought to myself at first.So this man is this mean and
heartless, i cried.
The next morning my friends said the picture didn’t look like
me, that I should deny it. I started calling the man to plead
with him, he picked the call and said “young woman you
decided to play with me, I told you what I was capable of
doing, but you didn’t believe me, now all am going to do is to
leak the video on net and watch your fellow students tear you
apart until they have ruined you completely”
After i had pleaded and cried to him, he then told me he was
going to give me 12 hours to send him the sum of one million
naira, or else he would leak the video on net.
I didn’t know what to do, or how on earth i was going to get
that kind of money within that short period of time? However i
kept calling and pleading with him for more time, but he went
ahead and uploaded it anyway.
It’s been twenty years already since then…the hardship,
embarrassments, and the disgrace I suffered, especially those
I suffered in the hands of those i never expected it from, still
haunts me.
Sadly, nobody bothered to take the time to understand me,
nobody cared. Today I have been thrown into a different life,
just for this one mistake i made in my youth ,a mistake that I
totally regret.
{This is purely a work of fiction}
Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.

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