Ouch!!! Man Slides 7 Inch Chop Stick Into His Pe nis to See if It’s Working (PHOTO)


A stomach-churning hospital report has revealed how one desperate man was forced to turn to doctors after jamming a chopstick in his peen. The Chinese man had been too shy to see his doctor after finding blood in his urine, so decided to use a seven-inch chopstick to work out what was causing his condition. The man, who has been identified only as Chen, lodged the stainless-steel utensil inside his peen whilst investigating the cause of his problem, which began after fell into the edge of a table.

Chen, who lives in East China’s Zhejiang Province, said he thought his urethra was “broken”, so he inserted the tip of the chopstick into his peen to “check.”

But after ramming the chopstick further into his member, it became stuck, and Chen couldn’t manage to get it out again. A stomach-churning scan shows the chopstick protruding from the man’s body, before Chen went under the knife to have it surgically removed The operation was a success but Doctor Ruan Zhixian, who performed the operation, said the chopstick had reached the man’s rectal wall, meaning it would have killed him if pushed in any further.


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