SHOCKING!!! See The 7 Years Old Boy Burnt To Death For Stealing Garri?


am sure some of you might have seen the story or photo floating around the internet about the 7 Years old boy (SEVEN YEARS OLD!!!!) tortured and burnt alive in Lagos for allegedly (I say allegedly because we all know Nigerians and bogus claims) “stealing” some cassava flakes – Garri to EAT!!!! – Yes, you read that well, in Nigeria 7 Years old, beaten then burnt to death for “stealing” Garri (food), by some crazy adults who have failed in their lives! well, its shocking that this story is not getting the exposure it deserves, I think its one of the most disgusting and SHOCKING story I have ever heard in my whole life!

We owe it to children to be protected, they are the next generation of human beings, either you are related by blood or not, all children have the fundamental right to be protected, cared for and provided for – ofcourse except in Nigeria where we KILL CHILDREN!!! – What do you think of this incident, what kind of justice those the perpetrators deserve?

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