Simple Steps To take To Get Your First Kiss


When it is time to have that first kiss, it is natural to feel nervous and shy.. It can also be challenging especially if you have not been kissed before.
For the girls, this is what you do to get your first kiss..

1. Wear an attractive lipstick or lipbalm. Avoid wearing those sticky lipgloss. Try and keep a fresh breath. Go for mint sweet instead of gums. Because if you chew gum, you might have to find a way to spit it out it out. Avoid having body odor. That might put him off.

2. Make eye contact or lean on him, place your head on his shoulder.. There is a chance he might put his arms around you. If he does, you lean in closer and go for the kiss. If he doesn’t, relax..he probably isn’t feeling you and don’t want to get embarrassed when he turns you down.

3. Give him indirect hints that you want a kiss.. Drop ideas in his head by staring softly at his lips, then, look at him in the eyes and smile at him. You can also put your arms lightly around his neck and lightly play with hair on his neckline or slowly move your face to his while communicating with him..doing all these will send a message across to him.

4. After all that and he still doesn’t kiss you, you might consider taking the lead. Some guys can be very shy and the bold ones may not want to make the first move because of their past experience. Just touch him lightly on the face and invite him to kiss you.

For the guys…

1. Be confident… Lol, you’ve got this! Be bold, meet her gaze, let her know that you are comfortable with yourself and she can be comfortable around you too.

2. Look presentable. Look attractive. Keep your breath fresh and your body odour free. Most girls, gets turned off when a guy’s breath or body has odour.

3. When trying to kiss a girl, let it be in a private place. Most girls, like privacy and you might embarrass your girl if you are trying to kiss her in public. She might get upset and shun you.
4. Study her body language to get signals that she wants you to kiss her. She might flirt with you subtly, by finding reasons to touch you, lick her lips, bite her lower lip while looking at you, stare at your lips, or warm up towards you.

5. See if you can make eye contact. If she doesn’t shy away from it, but maintain the eye contact, she could be ready. Maintain eye contact when talking with her and even in moments of silence.
6. Touch her lightly to see her reaction. You can lightly stroke her hair, touch her waist, hold her hand, or put your arm across her shoulder. If she backs out or avoid having any close contact with you, it means she isn’t ready, or not interested.

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