Check out the awkward things Nigerian ladies do after making love (With photos)


Relationship has different meaning to people who are in it. Some see it as the perfect medium to satiate their lust while others see it as the perfect time to grow and learn. Either way, you are bound to emerge as a different person after being in it a couple of times.Love making is considered to be an intricate part of a relationship. Some relationships have failed because the parties involved have refused to give in to the lustful desires of the people they are dealing with. In the same vein, some people enjoy the sensations that come with exploring their bodies while dating.

Women have different reactions to love making. While some feign innocence after the act has been done, others are not bothered. The latter seize the opportunity to ask questions that disturb their inner peace. In this part of the world, people often say women are at the receiving end of a relationship that involves them and men.

This could be one of the reasons why they react the way they do after making love. Check out some of the weird things women do or say after after making love:

1. Oh no! What have I done?

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

Sometimes, women act funny when the waves of passion have calmed down. They feel guilty and become depressed after making love.

What is baffling about this situation is that they always have the chance to call it off or break free while at it. However, they choose to get carried away with the euphoria and satisfy their curiosity.

Being forced or coerced will be an exception to this. Some women feign ignorance before the deed is done and end up lamenting afterwards.

2. Urinate

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

It has almost become a norm for women to pee immediately they get up from the bed or couch. Some women do this as a way of cutting short the journey of the sperm cells in reaching the eggs.

Ladies do this as soon as possible in order to avoid being pregnant. The best way to avoid being pregnant is to abstain from unprotected s ex.

Urinating immediately after making love may prevent you from getting pregnant but it would not prevent you from contracting a disease.

3. Use pills afterwards

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

Some Nigerian ladies do not have total faith in the use of protective measures like condoms. Those who doubt the ability of this product to prevent them from getting pregnant will end up buying contraceptives like postinor immediately they have s ex.

And for the ladies that we do not ever see at the pharmacy, they use salt and water as soon as they are done.

4. Start the emotional blackmail

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

Many women do this as soon as they get laid. They start messing with the men’s heads by asking questions they ought to have asked before making love.

After making love, men get to answer questions that test their love for the women they just made passionate love to.

Nigerian ladies also goad men into fights by asking if there are other women they are sleeping with apart from them. If you experience this as a man, do not dance to their tune. Simply remain calm as they only want reassurance after love making.

5. Crying

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

Sometimes, women cry after se x. Some claim to be in pain after the deed or broken because they have failed to keep their words. Doing this is the perfect test to see what the men’s reactions will be afterwards.

It is another form of emotional blackmail as they expect the men to hold them while comforting them. Women naturally are emotional, this may be in response to their soft nature.

6. When they act irritated after seeing the semen

See the things Nigerian ladies do after making love

Even ladies that are having se x for the umpteenth time in their lives act weird when they see semen. Some make faces when the men allow it to touch their skin.

It is strange that many of these ladies will prefer for that to be deposited inside rather than for it to be discharged outside their bodies.

Check out some of the things women are expected to do after making love:

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