Daily Archives: November 29, 2016

Don’t miss this S ex tape Between A Guy And A S ex worker(prostitute) —VIDEO

This randy man invited a random prostitute to his house for s*x and after a dramatic conversation, they went in for pleasure till this shocking thing happened. This is a hilarious comedy skit that discourages s*x with prostitutes who at times have diabolical powers that could destroy the destinies of ...

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Four Blind Singer Slams Buhari With their lyrics ( VIDEO)

Watch and listen to the lyrics of this music. Among other things, the blind musicians ask “if Buhari is suffering from ear disease can he hear the cries of the poor people?” 1,515 total views, no views today

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I am HIV Positive – Nigerian Lady Publicly Admits

Unprotected s*x should be vehemently discouraged with the current spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. A lady has admitted she is HIV positive and she currently fears she must have infected her ex lover whom she had unprotected s*x with over a period of 8 months. 1,189 total views, no views today

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SHAME!! Man Hangs Himself Over Parents Refusal To Sell Family Land For Him To Travel Abroad

  A desperate young Nigerian man who in a quest to travel abroad by fire all means, has ended his life tragically. His reaction for his horrific action is quite shocking. 788 total views, no views today

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