I Had Incredible S ex with My Stepmum While My Dad was Away…and Then This Happened – Man Narrates

In yet another shocking story revealed online which is currently buzzing on social media, a man has cried out for help after he had s*x with his step-mother when his father was away for business trip.

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A man has written to a popular s*x and relationship therapist, Deidre Sanders, of his s*xual encounter with his step-mother and the confusion which the act has resulted in.

Read below;

Dear Deidre

I had awesome s*x with my stepmum. Now she says she’s pregnant and I don’t know if the baby is going to be my child or my sibling.

I’m 21. I was out clubbing one weekend and made myself a cup of tea when I got home to try and sober myself up.

It was late but I must have made quite a din because my stepmum appeared at the kitchen door. She was wearing a lacy nightie and looked really hot. She is 35.

My dad was away on business in Dubai. He’s 44. He goes for a month or so at a time and I know my stepmum gets lonely.

She has always been quite forward with me but I always put it down to her just messing around. She was just talking about general stuff but then she started to really flirt with me.

The next thing I know she leaned over to kiss me. I kissed her back. It wasn’t long before we were both n*ked.

She then led me to her bedroom and we had the best I’ve ever had. We had s*x again over the next few days. I felt so guilty but I couldn’t control myself.

My dad then came back from his trip showering my stepmum with jewellery and things went back to normal. That was a few weeks ago.

Out of the blue my stepmum called me at work last week to tell me she is pregnant. She can’t work out if the baby is going to be mine or my dad’s — they’ve been trying for a baby for months.

She is prepared to let my dad think he’s the father.

Do I say something and risk everything, or do I ignore it and risk her spilling the beans if they were ever to split up?

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