OMG!!! Meet the Na ked Model Who Boarded Train to Work (Don’t miss last photo)

A STUNNING model gives fellow commuters a wake-up call to remember by riding the train completely starkers.
The brunette wore only glasses and shoes for her nude ride to work.
And in place of clothes, she daubed herself with words describing what they might have expected her to have been wearing.

The woman carried out the stunt in Dusseldorf, Germany.
After boarding a train without blushing, the lady ensured she purchased a ticket before taking her seat as normal.

THE model showed her flawless figure to fellow commuters on the train in Germany as part of an art project
Stunned passengers gawked open-mouthed as the woman showed off her flawless figure.
Naked model on a train in Germany

Wake-up call … but some passengers on the train still managed to stay asleep

But remarkably, some of them gave barely a sideways glance as she walked through the carriage in the buff.
The model’s naked journey was part of a project put together by Swiss artist Milo Moire.
Entitled The Script System, the stunt was intended as a way of “shaking up the ordinary”.

Swiss artist dreamed up scheme to have naked model take a train ride in Germany
Stunt … Swiss artist dreamed up scheme

Milo Moire said the model walking around the train without clothes was meant to make people think outside the box on their commute.

He wrote on his website: “Radical nudity becomes the defence shield against the stereotypes and makes the artist invisble.”
And he went on to say that the timing of the early morning stunt meant ordinary performance art was out of the question.

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