All In The Name of Festival Dressing She Posted These Online Last Photo Will Shock You

Southern Africa is a country that is rich in culture as the black population still retain their values and traditions despite the past domination of the whites leading to the apartheid crisis in some of the countries.

A beautiful and curvy lady from the Kingdom of Swaziland named Lowmah who is participating in the Incwala main day 2016 as well as the Kushiwa Kwelukhuni 2016 has shown her bare breasts in a cultural oufit in celebration of the country’s colourful tradition prominent in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

As usual, her pictures have elicited flirty comments on her Instagram page as her followers express wild fantasy about being romantically entangled with her.
As for the festival, Incwala is the main ritual of Kingship in the Kingdom of Swaziland. This is a national event that takes place during the summer solstice.
The main person in incwala is the King of Swaziland. When there is no king there is no incwala.

Incwala takes place over a period of about a month, starting with the small incwala, incwala lencane, and culminating in the big incwala, incwala lenkhulu.
A number of activities — such as lusekwane, kuhlamahlama, and umdvutjulwa — mark the key events of this age old tradition.

See more photos of the alluring Lowmah below:

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