OMG!!! See Man Who Developed Massive Erection While Taking Picture with Lady

Nigerians have again been reminded of the huge ‘cassava’ tuber sang about by Nigerian ace musician, Tekno with the boner developed by this seeming horny man while taking a harmless picture with a lady. The alleged erection of the man highlighted in the picture

An unnamed man was striking an innocuous picture pose with a lady in public when something strongly suspected to be a massive erection surfaced from his manhood region.
As seen in the photo, the man stylishly tried to cross his legs to conceal the boner but the big size of his manhood gave him away.

This has been regarded as the ideal cassava referred to in Tekno’s Pana hit single that has earned him music awards. The above picture has been freely trending on social media with just a minute percentage of netizens expressing doubts about the stunning boner.

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