Lady Spends a Week in Prison for Falsely Declaring Man and his Girlfriend Dead

Omotola Joseph declared a hale and hearty man and woman dead in a post she made on Facebook last year. The family members of the people declared dead were outraged and reached out to the public to set the records straight.

The Lady has now apologized after the Police arrested and arraigned her in court. According to a sister of the lady declared dead:
“Remember the lady that posted R.I.P on my sister and her boyfriend picture after her arrest and hearing at the court even though it is still in court. She has finally agreed to do a rejoinder after a long time because she was still very stubborn. They say the truth is bitter this lady needs rehab after i met her i knew she needs it. After spending a week and some days in kirikiri now she is begging all around we forgive you though but let’s hear what the judge says.”


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