I Broke Down In Tears After Visiting An Orphanage Home – Dencia

Lol, let’s borrow the words of Ray J (you might know me for my D!ck, but that’s not the all of me). Translating that here; Dencia might be last known (well that’s what brought her to lime light lately) for her s3x romps she had with footballer Pogba, which Dailymail quoted other guests as saying, they literally brought down the hotel with loud moans, but that is NOT all of Dencia. Um, ummm, not all of her at ALL.
She has got a good heart and never stops to show it. So Dencia visited an orphanage home in Cameroon and met a boy with Autism, which literally broke her down. The singer who went visiting to donate a thing or two to them, said she wants to help the boy but she does not even know where to start from. Reading what she wrote and watching the video actually broke some of us down too. They deserve a better life. But then life!! Continue…

What she wrote;

“I’ve done this before so many times, I have met so many kids but never met one who broke me completely emotionally.My first encounter with an autistic child was when I was abt 13,this was way back in Cameroon, I never went close just watched him from afar.My 2nd encounter was my clients son abt 7yrs ago,it was different, he walks, talks and is well taken care of.My 3rd encounter is Paul, they don’t even know he has autism, they said he has back problems he doesn’t walk, doesn’t talk and even worst they might never try to help him properly cuz they had no idea he has autism.I haven’t stopped crying cuz his image is stuck with me,I just went there to give these kids the little things they needed but I met a bigger issue, an issue that is affecting people who have no idea on how to handle it.Where do I go from here? How do I completely change his life? It’s two kids with autism in the same house, it’s 27 kids !! Thru @denciafoundation4hope , my dream is to help orphaned kids in as many countries as possible. #CitizenOfTheWorld

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