Randy monkey is filmed trying to have se x with deer almost twice its size

A horny monkey on the Japanese island of Yakushima was filmed trying to mate with two female Sika deer almost twice its size. In the footage which was taken in November 2014, the monkey mounted the first female and when it encountered no resistance, unsuccessfully tried to relieve its sexual pressure.

It tried the same move with a different deer but its advances were not welcomed and the deer tried its best to shake off the horny fellow. Scientists believe the low ranking male may have been frustrated at not having its own mate and tried to take out its frustration on the deer. Marie Pelé of the University of Strasbourg in France, told the New Scientist:
“It could be a manifestation of the known play behaviour between Japanese macaques and the deer they are known to sometimes ride.”

Such attempts at cross-copulatuon is common among animals.

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