As the name implies, toilet diseases (infections) are diseases that are contracted through the toilet. This doesn’t mean that you can catch a disease by using just any toilet, no; only messy and dirty-looking toilets are likely to attract disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It is also important to not confuse toilet diseases with STI. STIs are transmitted through sexual intercourse, while toilet infections come through the use of dirty toilet(s).

The bacteria and viruses that cause toilet diseases cannot survive outside the human body, so there is no way they can be the same. A lot of people seem to confuse the two, but they’re very different. You can check out our posts on STIs for more details.

So now that we have a brief understanding of what toilet diseases are, let us proceed to types. There are numerous types of diseases which can be contracted through a dirty (germ- infested) toilet, but these are the common ones…


1. Toilet diseases can be prevented by total cleanliness and carefulness.

2. Make sure you keep your toilet and everywhere around it clean always.

3. Wash your toilet thoroughly with a brush and detergent or other cleaning agents as regularly as possible (everyday).

4. Wash your hands with soap, thoroughly after you visit the toilet; as germs can be transferred from it to other areas of the house or your mouth even.

5. Always flush the toilet before sitting on it to avoid splashing contaminated liquid on yourself.

6. For women, make sure you change your underwear regularly.

7. Vaginal lotions also help protect women from harmful toilet infections.

8. Clean up your vagina with tissue paper after urinating.

9. If you cannot avoid public toilets, drop some tissue paper in the toilet to prevent water from splashing on you when you use them.

10. Avoid sharing underwear and towels.

All these infections are curable, so do not hesitate to visit your doctor for proper check up and treatment if you have any of the above symptoms, but remember, prevention is always the better alternative.

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