#BBNaija: BamBam reveals Tobi intentionally provokes Cee-C; Fans react

During diary sessions last night, Biggie warned three housemates, Tob, Nina, and Khloe about provocation being a punishable offence.

This was a surprise to most of their fans because they expected he would also serve Cee-C the same warning as she has engaged in verbal confrontation with all three.

However, Cee-C was not given a warning.

Fans of the trio took to social media to air their displeasure and accuse Big Brother of favoritism.

They claimed Cee-C verbally provokes others as well, especially Tobi and Nina – sighting yesterday morning as an example, where she had lashed out at Tobi but he ignored her.

Many felt she was just jealous of Tobi and Anto cuddling.

However, during Bam Bam’s diary session, when she was asked to give her opinion about confrontations in the house, she said with regards to Tobi and Cee-C,  she thinks Tobi intentionally provokes Cee C knowing he would get a reaction from her.

She revealed Cee C and Khloe were in the bathroom and Tobi walked in on their conversation and dismissed Cee-C’s virginity claims, citing an intimate encounter between them.

She revealed this triggered Cee C’s anger, prompting her to follow him out and start ranting, and he ignored her.

This revelation by Bam Bam has shed a different light on Tobi who many see as a victim of Cee -C’s confrontational nature,as many now know there are many things he says to her which are not aired.

See some reactions on Twitter below;

Badmus Kikelomo@Kikrasexy

People don’t really get to understand the meaning of PROVOCATION but we rather focusing on the outcome of the the PROVOCATION which is ANGER. Am not a Cee c fan o but for every of her actions there is something that triggers it. She is not MAD.

Gloria Ake@glovillezconcpt

God bless you Bam Bam..people watch on social media. I dont hate Tobi but he provokes her alot…Thats the only reason Tobi got the provocation warning but Ceecee didnt. Why would you put your mouth in Khloe and Ceecees convo in the bathroom.


Thank you Bam bam! Our king cee-c is a victim in that’s house they all ganging up on her and provoke her even that bleached dumb pornstar Nina ate cee food and call cee bad names! we are watching!


Why didn’t Biggie ever reprimand Delilah for provoking others. For the first time Nina stands up for herself and Biggie seems upset. Na wa o

Darling Mel@DarlingMel2

Biggie’s comment about provocation to Nina doesn’t make sense at all. It would have been different if biggie is saying this to everyone during their diary session..But biggie is choosing who to say this to. Biggie most say the same to Ceec, because she defo provokes people.

Aisling Chiamaka@simply_lingling

That convo Tobi had with Rico & Miracle just made him look foolish. Cee C is a virgin but he doubts her because she knows all the positions? Really?. ANYONE can know about sex positions and STILL be a virgin. He should stop this nonsense. Mtchewww


Why is my lolu sleeping in the bathtub😢. Even a blind person can see that Cee-C reacts to the garbage thrown at her she’s not a mad person that will start barking like a dog for no reason. Her only issue is she doesn’t know how to ignore them


Was it a big incident?? My Dear, Delilah went to far and Nina gave it to her back to back. Delilah dares not talk to anyhow since then

Faux Cousins@DjukaMatauri

For something to be considered provocation, it means somebody has to be provoked to the point of wanting to react violently, Nina knew CeeC had 2 strikes she wanted her to slap her and be disqualified.

Negativity activist •@wendy__khumalo

Cee-c has gotten into biggies head too that girl is more dangerous than I thought.

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