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How Lamidi Adedibu made move to free MKO Abiola in Prison

The only Politician that made REALISTIC move to cunningly free MKO Abiola was Lamidi Adedibu.

He went secretly to meet Abacha. His meeting with Abacha was top secret. He begged and postrated for Abacha to free MKO. Abacha insisted that MKO must sign off his mandate. Adedibu said “no problem but you won’t seize his International Passport”, Abacha agreed. The intention of Adedibu was that he would do anything to free MKO and convince MKO to sign anything to free himself from the dungeon of ruthless Abacha, after which he can run to America and relaunch his attack to reclaim his mandate, he said “A brave warrior is known in battle by his ability to run when it is tough and return when he has been recharged”.

Abacha allowed Adedibu to meet MKO Abiola in prison with the agreement. Abiola was to sign and leave the prison immediately. Abiola held Adedibu in high esteem. He agreed with him but pleaded that he needed to inform some members of Afenifere….’Just to inform’. Adedibu sensed trouble, he urged MKO not to. Abiola insisted. Abiola was given that opportunity by the military. Those he contacted asked him NEVER to sign the document Adedibu brought for him! They told him they would get him out without signing any agreement. Abiola agreed. Adedibu left in sorrow, embraced Abiola so tightly as if that was going to be their last meeting. Yes, it was.

Unfortunately, those who asked Abiola not to sign were later found out to have benefited in Abacha Government secretly!

From Ayekooto Akindele

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